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When most of us choose a ppt template, we will get into a dilemma, that is, how to choose the ppt template that is most suitable for our proposal? The most stylish, the most classic or choose the most simple? Next, we will select some sample templates to show you the considerations when choosing an optimal PPT:

  1. Usage Scenario-Where are you going to use it?

According to different usage scenarios, we should use the ppt template of the corresponding style.

And the following three ppt templates are the most commonly used scenarios.

Option 01: Commercial style, suitable for business proposals, business pitches, or company annual reports, etc.

Option 02: Portfolio, such as photography portfolio, fashion design portfolio, product design portfolio, or program portfolio, etc.

Option 03: Concise style, such as work report, personal speech, plan summary, project introduction, graduation defense, product release, event planning, etc.

  1. Color Matching- How to make your customers attracted at first sight?

For us ordinary people, who have not learned professional color matching and have no special talent for color sensitivity, we often fall into the misunderstanding of too rich colors or the problem of color incongruity. And a professionally designed ppt template can often easily avoid the above problems.

The next four combinations are our most recommended.

Black + White + Gray

Black + Yellow

Blue + White

  1. Layout Design- How to impress your customers?

The PPT template makes it easy to edit the position of your text and pictures, and it only takes a few clicks. No matter how many pictures or how long your content is, there are corresponding templates that can be used, even complex tables.

  1. Editable Charts- How to express your content logically?

Usually, when we propose to clients, in addition to unique insight and creativity, the most important thing is how to tell it logically so that your audience can accept your content, especially when it comes to a lot of data analysis.

Our template contains a large number of editable tables, no matter how complex the data is, you can find a template you like for your use.

If you want to make PPT with texture and use in various situations, you don’t necessarily need to spend so much energy to make it. In fact, as long as you find a rich PowerPoint template download website, you can use it in a variety of styles and full of sense of design.

From the above, we think the most important selection criteria include usage scenarios, color matching, layout design, and various editable forms. Of course, other details are also important, such as the choice of fonts.

Now that you know how to pick them, you can download our PowerPoint templates with a small fee and see if it’s exactly the match you’ve been looking for.

The briefing can be packaged at one time, whether it is a report on the stage or a proposal in the workplace, it can make your appearance impressive every time.

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