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Imagine you’re working on a PowerPoint presentation, but your client sends you a Google Slides file and requests additional content. Is this a problem? Not at all! Converting a PowerPoint file to Google Slides is a simple process that allows you to seamlessly integrate content across platforms. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of converting a PowerPoint file to Google Slides, expanding your design options, and enabling you to utilize your favorite PowerPoint templates to enhance your Google Slides presentations.


To begin, you’ll want to start with a premium PowerPoint template from FASTPPT.NET. FASTPPT.NET is a creative platform that offers an extensive collection of presentation templates, providing you with unlimited downloads to maximize your presentation design potential.


Let’s dive into the conversion process using the beautiful and professional PowerPoint template from FASTPPT.NET. Launch Google Slides on your Google Chrome web browser. While I’ll be demonstrating on a Mac OS, rest assured that you can follow the same steps on Windows as well.

Method 1: Converting PowerPoint to Google Slides

Open a blank Google Slides presentation.

Go to the file menu located in the upper left corner of your screen.

Click on “File” and choose “Open.” This action will launch the “Open a file” dialog box.

Click “UPLOAD,” select “BROWSE,” and upload your PowerPoint presentation template.

Method 2: Converting PowerPoint to Google Slides via Google Drive

Access Google Drive and upload the PowerPoint presentation template.

Select the PowerPoint file to upload.

Click the uploaded file in your file list. By default, the presentation will open in Google Slides, automatically converting it into an editable format.

It functions just like any other presentation in Google Slides. This quick and easy process saves you time day after day.

Once you’ve converted your PowerPoint file to Google Slides, you can edit text, resize or remove elements, and delete any unwanted elements.

One of the elements to readjust when we have converted to Google slide is picture placeholders. While FASTPPT.NET’s professional PowerPoint template allows for effortless image replacement through simple drag and drop, this feature does not seamlessly translate to Google Slides. However, there is a simple solution, you can easily replace images by selecting Replace Images and inserting your own.

Click Replace Images to insert new image.

Another item that may not have been converted correctly is charts and graphs. In such cases, all charts will be converted to images. To rectify this, you can open a Google Sheet, create a suitable chart and graphs, and then copy and paste it into your Google Slides presentation.

We understand the importance of versatility and cross-platform compatibility in today’s collaborative environment. That’s why we have converted some of FASTPPT.NET most popular PowerPoint templates into Google Slides templates, ensuring that you can leverage our creative designs regardless of your preferred platform. Don’t hesitate to explore and download our FASTPPT Google Slides templates to enhance your presentations. With our templates, the possibilities for creativity and professional design are limitless.

By converting PowerPoint files to Google Slides, you unlock the power of seamless collaboration with clients, colleagues, and partners who may be using different platforms. Embrace this cross-platform compatibility and elevate your presentation design to new heights. Whether you’re working with PowerPoint or Google Slides, our templates enable you to maintain consistency, showcase your ideas effectively, and deliver impactful presentations that resonate with your audience. Embrace the versatility and convenience of our FASTPPT Google Slides templates to unlock a new world of collaborative possibilities.

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