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A creative people’s aim is to clinch the next job with their portfolio. When it comes to proving yourself professionally, it’s extremely beneficial to show and tell.


There are many ways to build an eye-catching personal portfolio and one of the most common ways is Microsoft PowerPoint. And the best part? You don’t have to be a graphic designer or an expert of Photoshop / Illustrator. You can easily find an impressive template to accelerate your design process.


With Professionally designed PowerPoint templates, you can simply drag and drop images, replace content, and change the entire theme color with few steps. PowerPoint template comes with rich typography, layouts, infographics, and icons that can save a lot of time and energy.


If you are struggling with building an awesome personal portfolio presentation. Check out our best template below for inspiration.

1. Clean & Cold Photo Layout Presentation Template

This PowerPoint template has 26 professional slides. Drag and drop the image into the image placeholder. You can add any image of your choice to this PowerPoint presentation template. The design is clean and uncluttered, suitable for any scenario. If you want to show landscape photos, this PowerPoint template couldn’t be more suitable.


2. Beauty & Art Minimal Presentation Template

The colors of this PPT template are very modern and contemporary, so this PPT template can maximize the content you want to showcase. You can add some unique pictures to get a perfect effect. Drag and drop the image into the image placeholder. A variety of stylized slides can meet your different needs. This PowerPoint presentation template will definitely add points to your presentation.

3. Creative Model Photo Layout Design Presentation Template

The template contains 18 slides and two pre-made theme colors. You can change its color scheme at will. This PPT template is specially created for model photography portfolios. Of course, you can also display other types of photography portfolios according to your preferences. Vibrant colors can make your photography portfolios stand out.

4. Creative Fashion Resume Presentation Template

This PowerPoint template is perfect for business images. Combine with the red color, making your audiences feel your passion and positive energy. The template comes with 28 professionally designed slides and can change its color with just few clicks. You can freely change the layouts and images of the PPT according to your needs to adapt to different application scenarios.

5. Clean Magazine Style Photo Layout Template

If you’ve been searching for stylish PowerPoint templates for photography, then you must check this one out. The design of this PowerPoint template is simple and novel. Good Design is aesthetic. You don’t need to do any secondary design to use this PPT templates. This PPT template contains 37 professionally designed slides. Try to add Pictures with dark tones, and you’ll get excellent effects.

6. Creative Fashion Photo Layout Presentation Template

This PPT template contains 30 Professionally designed slides. There are other colors for the Presentation Template,and you can change theme colors with one click The lively and cute color combination is very eye-catching. If you want to show some bright pictures, this presentation template is perfect for you. Adding proper text would be great.

7. Model Photography Presentation Template

Show off your portfolio with this presentation template. It makes your photos look very high-quality. With this ppt template you won’t need to think about how to design each slide. That saves your time and energy. You can turn this photo presentation template into your perfect slideshow easily and quickly. The placement of images is flexible. The color can also be changed.

8. Clean Modern Interiors Design Presentation Template

If you shoot interiors, this photography PowerPoint presentation can match with your portfolio. This PPT template of photography presentation comes with icons and infographics for easy customization. Visually illustrate or emphasize what you’re trying to say. This ppt template is a multipurpose photographer presentation with a modern design. Edit each photography PPT slide to fit your presentation needs.

9. Creative Stylish Look Book Presentation Template

This PPT template has 25 slides. The clean and bold contrast design makes it very sought-after. You can insert images and text freely and easily have a great presentation. It will surely give your project full attention. Change theme colors with a few clicks. Complete your creative content showcase in a very short time. And to the greatest extent possible, to present your ideas.

10. A Clean Art & Fashion Creative Template

This PowerPoint template will surely make your presentation fabulous. Because the clear theme and very vibrant design will make people shine. You can use the template directly, which saves you a lot of time. If you want, you can change its color with a single click. At the same time, this PowerPoint template conveys a warm and comfortable feeling.

The above is the top-rated portfolio PowerPoint presentation templates. A professionally designed template will save your time and make a profound impression. If you have more needs, you can click our website to get tens of millions of ppt templates to easily complete your proposal.

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