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PowerPoint presentations are the best way to present your business plan or your project to your clients. Add photos, videos, and essential information. This allows people to visually understand what you’re talking about.

Here is an awesome website to get excellent PowerPoint presentation templates. You can easily find an impressive presentation template to introduce your project. Show off your sense of style at the same time. You can drag and drop images, replace content, and change the entire theme color with few steps. Google Slides templates comes with charts, graphs, infographics, and icons that can save a lot of time.

Keep reading to see 10 wonderful business Google Slides templates.

1. Google Slides-Blue & White Business Plan Presentation Template

Here we give a classic business plan PowerPoint template that makes your presentation brilliant. There are multiple image placeholders to use that fit well with written content in each layout. This PowerPoint template has 22 professional slides. This presentation template is great for any corporate financial or banking purpose. Its exquisite design won’t distract from your research.

2. Google Slides-Green Clean Business Report PowerPoint

This business presentation Google Slides template comes with 28 total editable slides. That gives you place to add your data and research to the presentation template. Change colors with just few clicks. Easily add any image of your choice by dragging and dropping the image into the placeholder. If you’ve got a lot of data, this PowerPoint template comes with many charts. Customization is easy.

3. Google Slides-2 in 1 Blue & Red Business Analyze Report Template

This is one of the best Google Slides templates for business analyze report. It will also work for anyone in a business-related field. Here are some key features of this PPT template:

  • Easy replace image
  • Creative design with vivid color
  • Editable chart
  • Comes with 25 professional slides
  • Comes with 2 pre-made theme colors

With this business analyze report template, all you need to do is add your report and data to the template, which saves your time.

4. Google Slides-Clean Black Creative PowerPoint Template

This slides template is perfect for business images. Layout is understated and calm, making your clients or listeners feel very reliable. The template comes with 25 professionally designed slides and can change its color with just few clicks. You can freely change the charts and images of the slides according to your needs to adapt to different application scenarios. People who want to find a low-key elegant modern sales Google Slides presentation should not miss it.


5.Google Slides-Annual Report Business Report Presentation Template

If you’ve been searching for stylish presentation templates for business report, you must check this one out. This Google Slides template with a minimal and fresh design is a worthy pick. Here are some key features:

  • 26 unique slides
  • Impressive design
  • Easy replace image
  • Editable data and charts

This slides template is fully designed to not only look great, but also be functional.

6. Google Slides-Black & White Business Plan Presentation Template

This Google Slides template contains 22 Professionally designed slides. You don’t need to do any secondary design to use this PPT. This business presentation template comes with device mockups. So, you can show what information would look like on a website or a smart device. This is better than any research proposal PPT presentation template you find online for free. A variety of stylized slides can meet your different needs. This template will definitely add points to your presentation.

7. Google Slides-Clean Elegant Business PowerPoint Template

Show off your business plan with this Google Slides presentation template. Highlighting data points has never looked as stylish as in this presentation template. The elegant design makes your customers watching carefully. With this template you won’t need to think about how to design each slide. You can turn this presentation template into your perfect slideshow quickly. The placement of images is flexible. The chart can also be edited easily. That saves your time and energy.

8.Google Slides-Clean Business Plan Presentation Template

This business plan presentation PowerPoint template is ideal for a lot of businesses. It has vibrant elements that you can use to display all types of information. The PowerPoint template comes with 25 slides and adequate useful icons. Try it if you need a business PowerPoint template for a research presentation. Add images and charts flexibly as needed.

9.Google Slides-2 in 1 Creative Business Plan Presentation Template

This Creative Business Plan Presentation Template will surely give your project full attention. Here are the main advantages of this PowerPoint template:

  • 28 fashionable slides
  • 2 pre-made theme colors
  • Easy replace image
  • Edible chart which can update data
  • Rich icons and display forms

This presentation PPT template can work for students, professors or professionals.

10. Google Slides-A Complete Business Analysis Presentation Template

This Google Slides template will surely make your presentation fabulous. Because the unique theme and very vibrant design will make people shine. You can use the template directly, which saves you a lot of time.

Customize your presentation with graphs, vector icons, and charts. The charts included in this PowerPoint template are editable. The tech-rich design will make your analysis look more professional. Don’t fall for sales PPT templates free downloads. Instead, use this business analysis PPT template for any business purpose.

You have seen many different and stylish examples of wonderful business Google Slides presentation templates. You’ve also learned how to use the templates to save your time and make your work excellent. Download a business Google Slides template and get start on your presentation now! If you have more needs, you can click our website to get tens of millions of Google Slides templates to easily complete your proposal.

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